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Access finance? Know how.

Securing finance is one of the greatest challenges faced by women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Thanks to the contributions of our donors, we partner with local banks to offer dedicated financing to help women entrepreneurs access the finance they need to invest and grow. We also work closely with our partner financial institution to help them better serve their women clients – recognising that including women in the banking system provides a huge opportunity for both sides.

Our partner financial institution has developed exclusive products that address the needs and specificities of women-led SMEs. If you are looking to secure financing for your business, visit their website or stop by your local branch for more information. You can also meet representatives of banks in person at our Women in Business seminars. Visit our events pages or get in touch with our team to find out when we are holding our next event close to you.

Don’t know where to start?

Applying for financing can be intimidating. Whether you have tried it before or have no idea where to start, take Business Lens and learn more about how to approach financial institutions effectively.

We can also help you attract investment by getting business advice to create a business plan, to undertake a feasibility study, or to raise your company’s accounting standards. Our team and network of local consultants know what it takes to successfully access finance.

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Keys to financial management

Through our Keys to financial management workshop, learn how to use your financial information to effectively lead your business and successfully access finance.

In this workshop you will cover:

  • Why financial planning matters
  • Key financial reports and what they tell you
  • Why businesses fail: cost control and cost cutting
  • How to decide on financing
  • Keys to accessing finance